Roma People

In 2006, I started to write about various political and social issues. Four year later, when I turned forty, I decided to become a documentary photographer. The same year, I embraced the Roma cause, dedicating most of my work to help ending the plight of this ethic group nobody seems to care about. Providing the younger generation with an example of the amazing things you can achieve and the change you can bring about by being good is what keeps me going every day. In less than a hundred years, the Roma people will outnumber the current majority population in Romania. By contributing to their inclusion through education and fighting against discrimination I am placing my hope in a better future for my country.

Romania is a ‘champion’ at violating human rights, if you look at the cases filed against our country at the European Court of Human Rights. Discrimination and segregation against the Roma is probably tops the list of violations. The authorities constantly violate the right to adequate housing. Freedom of movement is also violated, as authorities have forcibly evicted communities that have existed for more than three decades, demanding that the Roma return to their places of birth or, worse, demanding that those who always lived there leave as well.

Through my personal involvement, hard work and dedication hundreds of Roma still have a roof over their heads. In 2014, Amnesty International acknowledged my contribution and granted me the status of human rights defender so that their lawyers can protect me from the abusive authorities if necessary.

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