Blonde Angel

DNA tests confirmed that the Bulgarian Roma couple Sasha and Atanas Rusev are the biological parents of Maria, the blonde girl found in a Greek Roma camp in October 2013.

Late October, the Greek police, searching a Roma family’s home during an unrelated criminal investigation, came across a pale, tow-headed little girl among the family’s gaggle of dark-haired, dark-skinned children. Immediately, they swept the girl up into protective custody. DNA tests confirmed that the child was not biologically related to her Roma family, but the parents claim they adopted (or, were given) her legally.

Authorities, concerned that the girl had been kidnapped and trafficked, have launched an international campaign to reunite the “blonde angel” with her birth family. The Roma parents have been arrested for abducting a minor.

The Roma mother of ‘blonde angel’ Maria – the little girl who sparked an international investigation after she was found living with a Roma gipsy couple in Greece – stands little chance of ever being reunited with her daughter.

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