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World Vision Romania’s belief in education and involvement in consolidating access to education for children from disadvantaged areas have made me accept the proposal to become the foundation’s ambassador. United in this way, our two voices will make the only voice that really counts be better heard, namely the voice of all children in Romania, regardless of ethnic group or social class,” says Mugur Varzariu, a renowned documentary photographer who in his images emotively captures the reality of life for the most vulnerable members of our society. Thanks to his tireless work, solely with the help of ideas and a camera, Mugur attempts, with vision and sensitivity, to convey to all Romanians and to people everywhere a message of non-discrimination and tolerance.

Using the power of example, Mugur is an advocate of change, a model to be followed by all those who wish by their own actions to make the world in which we live a better place. This is why he became a World Vision ambassador in 2014. In May 2014 he did his first photo session in our foundation’s communities in Dolj county, documenting the life of Romania’s most vulnerable children. At the June launch of the 2014 Report on the Wellbeing of Children from Rural Areas, he spoke of his creed and his work as an ambassador for our foundation and presented a selection of the photographs he had taken.

Over the last three years, his work has covered delicate subjects in Romanian society, such as poverty and tolerance. Working singlehanded, more often than not as a volunteer, Mugur has no greater satisfaction than to come to the aid of the vulnerable, marginalised and discriminated. Despite the actions of local authorities, many Roma communities in various parts of the country still have a roof over their heads thanks to Mugur’s commitment and efforts.

The Academy of Economic Studies, an EMBA, three years of Law, and more than sixteen years of marketing and strategy have contributed to shaping Mugur in the spirit of identifying and understanding problems of every kind, as well as finding solutions to them. His work is visible, tangible, real. The combination of ideas, words and images makes Mugur a formidable adversary to all those who infringe fundamental human rights.

Since 2013, Mugur has been giving talks to students and schoolchildren from Romania and abroad about social activism through photography, thereby trying to bring about a change in the souls of young people getting ready to conquer the world.

“I strongly believe that the statement ‘young people don’t care about anything nowadays’ is completely false. The only people who have changed, but not for the better, are we adults. Parents too busy with everyday survival, teachers without a vocation, and a completely corrupt mass media deprive children of models worthy of being followed. I work tirelessly to provide children with such a model, and their reaction up to now gives me hope in a better future,” says Mugur.

But none of this would have been possible without the support and understanding of his wife, Florina Varzariu. Mugur wants to pass down to his two sons, Marc and Aron, the most priceless gift, that of human dignity and goodness.

You can read the 2014 World Vision country report by accessing this link:

Mugur’s voluntary (pro bono) role as an ambassador is to support World Vision mission through powerful images and public speeches on behalf of the organization. 

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