In July 2015, Nestle Romania finalized the process of redefining their corporate values. Subsequently I was commissioned by the company to introduce these values to the employees, for the first time, using my personal experiences as a social artist to exemplify each value. The two hours presentation also addressed issues like leadership and creativity. Following the presentation I organized a visit to a near by village where, with the help of sheepherders from Alba-Iulia, I organized an outdoor dinner and live folk music experience.

Comments from the Nestle internal seminar satisfaction report:

Best afternoon!!

Overall this event was perfect. I really liked that we had new presentation like the one realted to Digital, Mugur’s presentation and also I liked the Malancrav tour that was awsome.

Having an outside Nestle speaker was a very good ideea. Mugur’s experience and his speaker abilities were inspiring. His work and way of working are very interesting.

Great session.

For me it was very inspiring to see someone that follow his dreams with passion, a person that has the courge to speak up for his beliefs and also to make an appeal to stop being ignorants.

Very interesting and entertaining presentation!

My personal beliefs do not coincide with his. Other than that, no comment, great speaker.

A different perspective offered by Mugur. He is dedicated to the work he is doing and definitely can be a model for all of us.

A great experience to meet him.

As already written on his Facebook page it was a great pleasure meeting him and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank him for sharing with us his life experiences and passion for people. So ”Thank you Mugur!”

Eye opening.

The presentation has captured my attention because it was something different and it made me look at the leadership values from another perspective and it was not presented just from a theoretical point of view. The passion of this man for what he does and the fact that he pursues his goals is inspiring and invigorating.

It was an inspiring session. Mugur is one of those people who can inspire others by his various achievements but also by its attitude and values.

Passion for work is something we should talk more about and I think the presentation on leadership is a good way to reinspire and ensoul those who forget that what they do is important at any level and that it depend on them to do the change needed to be better. I encourage on having this part included in each Finance Seminar. Mugur provided a new point o view and created a beautiful link between what we do, which is so technical and analytical, and what he does, which is artistic and free. I loved it!

Mugur is a great person. I liked his presentation and clear examples, which he gave.

This presentation made me see the world with different eyes, with more compassion. He exemplified the leadership values by his work and I like it very much.

Very inspiring and touching presentation.

Very powerful leadership and integrity examples put into practice. Loved to see miracles materializing when you’re driven by emotions and faith.

Presentation with a lot of added value

Good organisation of the afternoon event.

A video presenting the whole experience can be viewed bellow:

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