The People Next Door

It’s been a while since we’ve lost ourselves in the rush for the sensational for the extraordinary. For a change, knowing that simplicity is hardest to achieve, in this story I wanted to take out the extra from the extraordinary and simply look at ourselves.

Each time I’ve seen an overview of a densely populated area I’ve always wondered what are the people in those houses doing, how are they living their life.

Late January 2013 I posted a message on my facebook page asking people if they would like to be photographed by me. The response was overwhelming but it took me two months to actually find the time to start this project.

While my subjects knew something about me, I knew nothing about them. Starting this project it was like a leap of faith. And what a rewarding leap of faith proved to be.

From actresses to corporatists, from lawyers to HR managers, from students to aspiring singers I had the privilege to meet some amazingly beautiful people. Some knew a little about me, other didn’t. Rares, one week after my visit, going through my website realised that he saw me early 2012 when I was documenting the efforts of animal lovers to remove the snow that covered the stray dogs shelter in Glina. He was one of the people offering a helping hand.

We look at TV stars because we believe they are better then us. The truth is we are afraid to discover ourselves and the people living next door. With self actualization comes great responsibility.

We are disappointed in people for all the bad reasons. In my eyes being an amazing person but frozen in actions is worst then being a bad person. I hope that one day these beautiful people will have the courage to reach out and come together.

For only they, the exponents of the the middle class in Romania, have the power to change our world.

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