Legal Death

Nine out of ten people in Romania wouldn’t be able to tell you what legal drugs really are. Because they are “legal”, people think they are safer. Because they are called “ethno-botanical” people think they are natural. The truth is that they are neither. They are simply the deadliest drugs ever…Over the past two years more people died because of these drugs than from heroin in the last fifteen years…

On the labels it reads: “plant care – for growing plants” or “bath salt – seafood flavour”. Unlike heroine, cocaine or marihuana, these drugs can be retailed because according to the label they appear to be anything but drugs. Yet people inject them intravenously.

The paradox is that while they are “not recommended for human use”, because “they are not drugs” according to their label, they can be sold even to children…For this reason alone, legal drugs in Romania are nothing but legalised murder.

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