Arab Spring

As a photographer from a country that had undergone an uprising of its own at the end of the 80s, which culminated in the execution of former dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, I decided that rather than witness such events in just one country I should go and see three different Arab nations caught up in the fever of major social and political changes.

My first stop was in Tunisia, the country where the Arab Spring began. Having travelled further down the road of reconstruction than their neighbours, the Tunisians where doing their best to provide help to displaced workers and refugees fleeing Libya. Their revolutionary enthusiasm reminded me of the times when we Romanians had treated each other like brothers. I will never forget the UNHCR refugee camp in Ras Jdir as an example of how people can help each other in times of need.

My second destination was Syria. I arrived in Damascus two days after the first reported incidents in the southern city of Daraa. In Syria I was reminded of the contradictions and uncertainties of every incipient revolutionary moment. The majority of people were too afraid even to dream of long overdue change. While they where in denial, a minority of people, albeit one whose ranks were swelling day by day, were challenging the regime, and paying for it with their lives.

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