Light Academy

“If you can take a photograph in which nothing happens, imagine what you can do with a photograph in which something does happen” – Mugur Varzariu.

Photography course for beginners

This course demystifies DSLR in order to familiarize the participants with the devices and to use them without reluctance.

We learn how to use settings and camera functions by photographing. We talk about aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, picture format and the advantage of photographing by using different types of files.

We practically observe how various camera settings influence the captured image.

Equipment Course – Each participant will bring his own DSRL camera, an objective, user’s manual and a memory card. Make sure the battery is charged before the course.

Participants are asked to read the instructions manual of the device – a maximum of 10 participants.

Photography course for advanced

Finding and developing a personal voice as a photographer is extremely important but also rewarding. How do we find a balance between artistic needs and the requirements of an editorial topic? What is a clear and honest story made of? How can we develop a personal style while pursuing long-term goals?

Discussions are considering ideas about stories, financing, refraining access, understanding and interpretation of situations in order to tell the story through pictures, publishing the finished item. Mugur will explain the documentary style in direct relation to his work.

The course comprises: Portfolio Reviews (brought in the first day of the course) – 8 participants

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